What is A Casino Game Aggregator?

_What is A Casino Game Aggregator


Online casinos place a strong emphasis on having an impressive portfolio of games that are regularly updated with popular online casino games and intriguing new releases in order to increase player loyalty and thus take the top spots on the iGaming market. The operator must make sure to select gambling-related content that will appeal to as many players as possible. To achieve this, online casinos collaborate with a broad range of service providers or enter into a contract with a reputable gaming aggregator and expand their gaming website’s gambling portfolio. 


Through a single API integration, an aggregator is a piece of software that helps the online gambling software industry’s operators and game providers better collaborate with one another. Casino content aggregators incorporate payment methods and multi-vector solutions in addition to content. Let’s examine each category more closely.


The operators no longer need to invest time and money in negotiating contracts for each individual game or with each individual provider of game content because of the seamless API integration. Instead, they can utilize a game aggregator to quickly and easily integrate a large number of games into their system. Additionally, by working with a reputable gaming aggregator, casino operators can be confident that they will receive the game package that players are clamoring for. In the end, the game providers that the aggregator chooses to work with have a direct impact on its reputation.


A player has a legitimate need for assurance that payment processing is secure when they deposit money or withdraw winnings. Additionally, a number of crypto and fiat currencies, as well as payment options, are crucial in boosting player loyalty to casinos. All participants in the gaming process, including operators, game developers, and players themselves, benefit from a quick and secure solution for payment systems thanks to iGaming aggregation.


An elaborate example can be used to illustrate this point. Players lost the chance to wager on actual sporting events because numerous sporting events were postponed due to the pandemic. Casino operators assessed the situation and provided players with a replacement: wagers on virtual sports. Operators then incorporated real sportsbook solutions into their gaming platforms once lockdowns were lifted and sporting events resumed around the globe.

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Even though the aggregator’s goal is to create a “collection” of the most played games, this “collection” cannot be all-encompassing. Indeed, there are various legal systems and regulatory frameworks in various nations, so the games that the game aggregator offers in one nation may not be the same as those that are offered in another. Additionally, players from various nations have varying levels of interest in various game genres. For example, video slots are popular in some regions while games with a live dealer are not, and the casino aggregator takes this into consideration when choosing content for its portfolio.


The selection of the ideal gaming aggregator is one of many elements required for the successful operation of an online casino and its establishment in the iGaming market. While successful casino games aggregation brings in new target audiences and keeps existing ones, an operator can concentrate on building its brand and paying attention to business strategies. What exactly enables an iGaming company to be profitable with a gaming aggregator?


iGaming aggregators have the option, commonly known as “one contract – many games,” which frees up the operator from having to spend a lot of time and money signing contracts with each individual provider. An online casino can sign a single contract with a game aggregator and obtain all the games it requires.


By signing a contract with an aggregator, the operator obtains a selection of games that is frequently updated in terms of both relevance (the eagerly awaited new game) and technological capabilities (e.g., faster loading). The operator can research the most popular games among the members of its target audience and combine them with its original material.


The aggregator’s clients have access to a top-notch team of technical experts who are always available to assist and offer thorough feedback. This team examines the logs, corrects errors and malfunctions, and resolves any technical nuances that have come up in the course of the workflow.


Since there is a wide range of game studios represented in an aggregator’s portfolio, the aggregator is able to charge reasonable rates for its services due to the volume of content it has available. Additionally, working together with a single aggregator is much less expensive than signing contracts with various game developers.


In order to attract and keep players’ interest, providers who submit their goods to the game aggregator compete by offering online gambling operators the best promotions, bonuses, tournaments, and other marketing campaigns. This fosters greater player loyalty and improves the operator’s and provider’s positions in the iGaming industry.

What should you consider before selecting a casino game aggregator?

Analyze the tariff plans offered by various aggregators first before selecting the one with the best price-quality ratio. Word of mouth still exists; “market colleagues” can recommend an extremely trustworthy and reputable aggregator partner. Get acquainted with the gaming aggregator’s portfolio as well. Of course, it won’t be possible to check everything if there are a lot of games. However, even games chosen at random should:

  • cover a variety of categories (Craps, table games, live dealer games, video slots, video poker, casual games, lotteries, etc.)
  • the player from the gameplay without detracting from the game’s excellent graphics or appealing soundtrack.
  • be scaled for both current and outdated models of computers, tablets, or smartphones so that the player can enjoy a clear picture no matter what their device’s screen resolution is.
  • be optimized for many different fiat and cryptocurrency systems.
  • at any stage of integration, be accompanied by ongoing technical and business support.


As was already mentioned, game aggregator platforms must be extremely cautious when working with game developers in order to maintain a strong reputation. You can find out who you are by telling me who your business partners are, to paraphrase a well-known proverb. A company called FAFA191 specializes in creating video games and has a solid track record. Numerous nominations and awards demonstrate that FAFA191’s games are well-known and in high demand among gamers. In order to be a successful partner for both online casinos and game aggregators, FAFA191 offers 70+ games with excellent mathematics, vibrant and lively graphics and sound effects, well-developed mechanics and plot, and support for 90+ currencies. Through convenient and straightforward single API integration made possible by FAFA191, the operator can access a variety of games through the game aggregator, and the game aggregator can grow and improve its game library.

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