The power of outsourcing marketing in iGaming  2022 

Most iGaming brands place a high priority on international growth gambling software. Why not, then? With the development of the internet, brands from various industries have been able to pursue this tried-and-true growth strategy and exponentially increase their market share. It’s a wise wager for online sportsbooks and casinos looking to maximize their earnings, expand their clientele, and strengthen their position in fresh and interesting markets. It’s obvious where the smart money is going given that nearly 3 out of every 4 Fortune 500 companies are actively directing resources toward localization in order to grow and capture revenue from booming international markets. Everyone is participating, regardless of the size of the company. 

What Exactly Is Content Localization?

Localization, however, entails more than just translation. The process of adapting visual and textual content, including games, software, iGaming platforms, websites, and other assets, to best suit users around the world is known as content localization. This can involve developing customized software and websites for each region, editing media assets to fit the cultural context, changing word choices that might be considered offensive to other cultures, and re-recording audio to reflect regional dialects that take into account cultural, linguistic, and contextual nuance. 

Do you want to DIY? Visit our guide on the pros and cons of translating marketing materials for iGaming companies. Want to hire specialized translation and localization companies to get a better outcome.

The power of outsourcing marketing in iGaming  2022 1

Should You Outsource the Localization of iGaming Content?

The advantages of content localization are undoubtedly numerous and innumerable. On the other hand, not all businesses require or have the resources to constantly hire a full staff of in-house iGaming translators and linguistic specialists. Therefore, the question still stands: should your iGaming company invest in building its own internal localization capabilities, or should you just bite the bullet and hire an iGaming translation agency to handle localization and translation? Not to worry. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of outsourcing content localization for online casinos and sportsbooks looking to reach a global audience.

Efficiency When Several Projects Need to Be Simultaneously Completed

Entering new markets means tight schedules and even tighter deadlines to get iGaming content marketing campaigns up and running. 

Doing things in-house may seem logical at first. But be wary about the realities of needing to train staff at just the right pace to stay on top of your iGaming localization strategy. 

For brands without this capability, having a dedicated resource to manage complex and conflicting requirements when all hands are on deck is a lifesaver. Then, translation work can be appropriately outsourced, ironing out the kinks in its management. By contracting out your localization work for iGaming content, you can have a second set of eyes to make sure that every aspect of your marketing plan is implemented precisely.

When you don’t have the resources to hire someone internally

In order to ensure their ability to handle the absolute peak of peak season, most businesses struggle to keep internal resources busy when work starts to slow down. On the other hand, depending on translations provided by multilingual staff members in your customer service department usually leads to incredibly inconsistent and frequently subpar outcomes. That’s not a result of your customer service representative’s own linguistic shortcomings. Instead, it’s because you’re frequently unsure of how well the person speaks or writes in his or her mother tongue.

Actually, iGaming translation companies could handle all of the work. Project managers for your iGaming marketing campaigns would be available whenever you needed them if you knew someone with the right linguistic expertise. Companies can relieve themselves of the demanding burden of human resources, including the hiring, assigning, and managing of translation talents, by outsourcing translation and content.

Involving and Converting Local Audiences 

Through Cultural Relevance Providing content that is appropriate for the context is another aspect of localization. This might entail creating landing pages and web designs that are regionally appropriate for your visitors. The majority of users now expect location relevance as a component of improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Because of this, iGaming brands must exercise caution and refrain from using specific imagery, words, or gestures that might be considered culturally insensitive. 

The same applies to the visual information. There are numerous meanings that colors can convey. For instance, red, which denotes abundance, 

Happiness, and good fortune, is a common color in Chinese culture. Unsurprisingly, a lot of websites with a Chinese audience use a lot of red in their visual elements. However, in Middle Eastern cultures, the same color may be associated with evil. This level of complexity is one of the main reasons iGaming brands might want to hire experts to handle their localization.

Maximize Professional Knowledge

First and foremost, translation and localization is a profession. One does not automatically qualify as a professional simply because they are a native speaker. However, it’s understandable that businesses are tempted to make native speakers wear two hats by assigning them additional translation duties in addition to those that are already on their plates. For some businesses that initially don’t want to incur the costs of hiring a reputable iGaming content marketing agency, this may appear to be an ingenious solution. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll produce any high-caliber translations, though. However, when you work with a third-party language service provider like Translation Royale, you have access to a team of devoted project managers, editors, and linguists who are trained to consistently produce flawless iGaming translations.


Are you willing to hand it off to the professionals?

Here are the five reasons why online casino software providers, as in previous years, outsourcing the localization of iGaming content will be beneficial in 2022. It will remain essential over the ensuing decades. Because 75% of the world’s population does not speak English, content localization for online casinos, sportsbooks, and their affiliates is a tried-and-true growth strategy. It’s time to create that lavish, personalized customer experience for the foreign markets that your brand wants to enter in order to promote growth.

Which One Fits You Best?

The best option for you will depend on your particular needs because both agencies and in-house marketing teams have many advantages and disadvantages. Remember that even if you hire an in-house team to handle your ongoing marketing requirements, you can still turn to an agency for a one-time project that requires a unique touch.

Final thoughts 

One of the harsh realities of life is that no one can excel at everything. An operator could have focused their resources and money on other areas of the business if they weren’t creating their own casino or sportsbook software. Operators could outsource their technology and choose a white label casino or white label sportsbook solution instead of investing a lot of money and time in developing a technology suite, freeing up their resources to then be applied in fostering sponsorships & brand awareness, customer acquisition, and other strategies that will drive revenue growth.

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