The importance of iGaming industry events 

The importance of iGaming industry events 

Opening an online casino entails joining the massive iGaming industry. Casino owners, bookmakers, software providers, game developers, financial and regulatory authorities, marketers, influencers, and players from all over the world are all a part of this global gaming community. 

Although they all speak different languages, these individuals frequently exchange experience to keep the online gambling industry running smoothly. Because of this, iGaming events continue to be important despite COVID-19 limitations. 


A directory of helpful contacts between the offline and online betting worlds is maintained by casino and sports betting conferences. There are various iGaming event types, and while they all have the same goal—networking—the particulars vary.

  1. International and regional scope of the event. International gambling competitions occasionally draw sizable crowds. Events held at regional levels typically focus on promoting a local gambling market, serve as a forum for regulatory discussions, and allow for the discovery of subtleties of iGaming operations in a particular country. Large-scale trade events frequently receive significant media attention and include such notable conferences and exhibitions as ICE, SiGMA, and so on. For instance, the 2021 Ukrainian Gaming Week held a conference to discuss licensing procedures and guidelines when the market in Ukraine became regulated. While global events are helpful for international networking and knowledge sharing, regional events are frequently beneficial for targeted research and market penetration.
  2. Workshop and exhibition formats for events The main goal of exhibitions is to stand out and make a strong statement about your business. To achieve this, iGaming brands employ a variety of strategies. Teams create distinctive stands, entertainment areas, and activation zones in addition to giving thorough speeches and presentations. The fact that conferences bring together iGaming companies from both the B2B and B2C sectors adds to their value. Workshops are largely comparable to exhibitions but are more practical and include real-world case studies and examples. Casino operators, bookmakers, and other gambling experts leverage their industry experience and highlight specific industry trends to stand out from the competition. ICE 365, GLI iGaming Workshops, and Gambling Compliance Workshops are a few examples.
  3. Focus of the event includes operations, affiliate marketing, payment processing, and legal matters. Due to the fact that all of the topics fall under this category, it is the most adaptable in the iGaming industry. Each series of events focuses on a particular facet of online gambling and reveals methods for improving audience development, licensing and effective regulatory cooperation, improved payment processing, and other operational areas. If we turn to payments, cryptocurrencies have grown to be a crucial component of the online gambling industry, expanding the range of gambling options available to players. As a pioneer in online crypto gambling, SOFTSWISS will take part in a number of events in 2022 that are focused on digital currencies, such as: Crypto Expo 2022 Dubai (16-17 March, Dubai); International Financial Expo or iFX (22–24 February, Dubai); and Blockchain Life 2022 (20–21 April, Moscow). iGaming events that are focused on regulation, operations, affiliate marketing, or payments also take place in 2022. These are more suited to those looking to delve into a subject at a more granular level and offer in-depth insight into one specific area of iGaming.

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Annual iGaming conferences and exhibitions are important business occasions that should not be missed. A day can feed a year. Goals for event attendance must be proactive planning. What could these objectives be? generating leads retention of client loyalty interacting with prospective partners looking for opportunities for mentoring and investment finding new commercial opportunities

How should you best get ready for an iGaming conference?

  1. Create an event schedule. Marketing is an investment in ensuring long-term brand viability in a highly competitive environment. Take this into account as you create your calendar. Consider your business strategy and schedule activities that are pertinent to your current corporate objectives.
  2. Decide on the format for each exhibition’s participation. It is not necessary to exhibit everywhere with a massive stand and a 100-person delegation. For some events, a simple presence or having several representatives with brand merchandise will be sufficient to observe trends and connect with partners. Plan the logistics, reserve the venue and participation format in advance, and get all the marketing materials ready.
  3. Establish the goal. Although this point is connected to the one before it, it makes sense to emphasize it separately: make sure the other participants are aware of the trip’s motivations. The goal might be to attend particular workshops, find as many contacts as possible, gather industry experience, or meet up with particular partners offline. The team will work to its full potential without being diverted by pointless activities if everyone is focused on incentives.
  4. calendars for your delegates. To prevent hiccups, each team member should have a clear understanding of their position prior to the event. While some team members can network with potential clients, others can attend workshops and gain knowledge they can share with their coworkers. To avoid confusion, schedule workshops and meetings in advance on a calendar.

Final thoughts 

Sales of iGaming are expected to soar over the coming decades as a result of better technology and an increase in user base flooding the smartphone gaming market. Quality iGaming operators owe it to themselves and their customers to produce high-quality content that reflects their infrastructure, enveloping players and users in immersive environments that lead them seamlessly from their lived, everyday realities to an online setting that perfectly reflects their culture. This is especially true as platforms, apps, and websites localize and provide an ever more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Due to our natural ability to communicate and our familiarity with regional markets, as well as our forward-thinking attitude and in-depth knowledge of the iGaming sector and digital platforms, fafabetsgaming is an ideal partner for companies hoping to expand internationally.

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