Targeting a new generation of Sports Bettors

Targeting a new generation of Sports Bettors

90-minute football games are being replaced by streamed events and short-form films that Gen Z viewers can watch on their own time and according to their schedules and time commitments. They multitask by playing FIFA while streaming games on their phones, jumping in and out of clip highlights and esports streams, and leaving comments and sharing material on social media.

According to a recent survey, 83% of Millennials and Gen Z respondents said that short-form premium content fits nicely into their schedules. On a global scale, mobile viewership is expanding at a rate of 6% yearly, exceeding that of all other video platforms. This tendency has been further exacerbated by the epidemic, with younger people in 2020 watching mobile content for an additional 33 minutes per day on average than they did on TV.

How can we serve this brand-new market?

What steps do we need to take to respond to these behaviors? You need to comprehend their motivations if you want to attract younger bettors. Only then can you begin providing them with pertinent and alluring goods, services, and information that they will find exciting and return to often, like the esports industry that has exploded recently.

This new generation must be digitally engaged and develop more prosperous, immersive mobile and social experiences incorporating alluring promotions and betting opportunities.

One illustration is more specialized, instantaneous pre-match, and in-play betting markets. Incorporating these with pertinent short-form videos on social media and live streams, for instance, could significantly raise your appeal to people in this group.

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insights derived from data

As bettors watch or stream events, the industry increasingly uses data-driven behavioral insights to provide personalized messages, offers, and experiences instantly. Given that this segment’s consumers are accustomed to receiving specialized material, it will also help draw more of them to established and new sports.

Another issue is the media’s current focus on individuals rather than entire teams. Following this pattern, the variety of player markets that can be bet on can be added to the betting opportunities, enhancing the excitement. Picking favorite players and estimating how many goals they score become as crucial as choosing favorite teams.

Additionally, cutting-edge goods that give users much more involved reasons to wager, are individualized, and provide more extended and more enjoyable experiences will engage this generation in novel ways.

Where can I buy these goods?

The industry offers various solutions to help you reach this new generation of sports bettors. GamingSoft has compiled all the best and most well-liked iGaming items in one complete package to simplify things.

You may acquire a fully functional, prebuilt iGaming website with GamingSoft Global’s white-label solution, which is ideal for operators trying to break into the sector. With the help of our iGaming API, GamingSoft Connect, you may integrate with all the top providers in as little as one step. see more

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