Soccer Betting 101

Soccer Betting 101 (1)

Soccer has a significant gambling component. Numerous sportsbooks sponsor a number of teams and even leagues. We considered it a good idea to lay out some fundamental betting strategies and tips to go along with our weekly betting pool. You might be in the same situation as us if you don’t feel entirely confident that you know what you’re doing when placing a bet because none of the writers for the site make any claims to be tipsters or even experienced bettors. A more sophisticated betting manual will be released in a week; this one is just a basic introduction. In addition to some metrics used for predictions and betting models, that will go into more detail about different types of bets. 

We’ll start with some fundamental guidelines, the most important of which is to establish a budget and understand your financial limitations. Although gambling can be entertaining, it’s important to exercise caution and know when to stop. Decide what you want to use as your maximum stake once you have your budget in place. A good amount to set as your maximum bet would be 20 euros, or 10% of your budget, if you had a 200 euro budget. You don’t want to run out of money too quickly because bettors can go on streaks, which means you might lose a few bets before winning some.

Starting with a few simple bet types, your Full Time Result bets, where you can select Home Win, Away Win, or Draw, are probably the simplest to predict. The Over/Under wager on the total number of goals scored, with the standard being 2.5 goals, is another wager that many people believe is simple to predict. However, depending on the teams, most bookmakers will also provide odds of 1.5, 3.5, and 4.5.

You are now able to place a single wager, which is known as a single because it is just that. There isn’t really much money to be made betting on the team that is predicted to win, or the Favorite. Taking multiple game results in either a Double (2 results), Treble (3 results), or when you add more than that to one bet slip is known as an Accumulator or Acca for short, are ways to increase your potential return. Additionally, some individuals call their accumulators a Coupon or Ticket. As the odds multiply when you wager on multiple games at once, you can increase your overall earnings from a smaller initial investment. The entire bet is lost, though, if one outcome in the accumulator doesn’t go your way. 

Soccer Betting 101 (2)

Decimal and fractional odds are the two most prevalent types of odds to see. There are American odds as well, but they are more challenging to calculate for multiples and are less typical for soccer betting. 2/1, 5/6, or 9/4 are a few examples of fractional odds. The same lines’ respective decimal odds would be 3, 1, and 3, respectively. When calculating large accumulators, I prefer decimal odds over fractional ones because they are simpler to perform. Simply perform the math and then add 1.0 to convert odds from fractional to decimal.

It may seem like there is a lot going on with all the bets you can place when you first visit a betting website, which can be confusing. On the left side of the website, the various sports are typically available for selection. Once a sport has been chosen, you can then select the league and the country. Once there, choose the odds for the teams you want to bet on, and then add them to your slip. Additionally, odds calculators are available on websites, which makes them more convenient than having to calculate odds in-person at a store.

Let’s use the example of wanting to make a wager for the weekend following the international break. You choose three games to bet on and back the underdog to win each time. Chelsea vs. Cardiff, Everton vs. Hull, and Manchester United are the three Premier League matches I singled out after quickly scanning the schedule. against Southampton I chose these particular games because they are all playing at the same time, and I’m also taking everyone who wins home. It can be simpler to keep track of your bets if you choose games that are played at the same time, but if you enjoy watching the games you wager on, you might want to stagger them throughout the day or even the weekend. The coupon might have lost before the final game if, for example, you choose a Friday night Ligue 1 game, a few Saturday La Liga games, and the Sunday night Serie A game. Anyway, returning to the Premier League triple that I selected. With a 5€ bet, picking Chelsea to defeat Cardiff would yield a 6.25€ profit. From a 5€ bet, Everton would return 7.20€. A 5€ wager on Man United would yield a 7.65€ return. Now, if you put singles on each of those teams and they ended up winning, that would be fantastic. However, you would have only made a profit of 6.1€ overall from a 15€ risk or outlay. While a return on investment (ROI) of close to 41% is by no means poor, it is a little monotonous. With a profit of 8.77€ from a bet of 5€, that is a ROI of 175.4% if you placed the same 5€ bet as a treble with all three of those teams to win. In this case, you only risk a third of the money while still making a higher profit. Naturally, it is more difficult to predict the outcomes of three games than one, and your treble is over if one of the teams loses or even draws. However, if Everton ends up drawing Hull, you would only get back 13.90€ of your initial 15€ investment.

Both Teams to Score, also known as Goals Galore, is a market that has recently grown in popularity. This is exactly what it sounds like, and all it takes to win is for both teams to score at least one goal during the game. Now, the odds are extremely slim when you only choose one or two games at a time, but winnings can be quite substantial when you choose four games (typically 10/1), and especially when choosing seven games (roughly 50/1). Those 7 folds, while appealing, can be challenging to land, so you shouldn’t risk a large portion of your budget on them.

Finally, bizarre outcomes take place. Even if a team has scored in 30 straight games, they may still lose at home to a weaker opponent. If you’ve had a few disappointing outcomes, remain positive and make an effort to improve. Don’t exceed your bounds. Having fun and adding interest to games you wouldn’t normally watch are the main goals of betting.

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