Philippines: Now the world capital for iGaming

Philippines Now the world capital for iGaming

The Philippines is quickly becoming the global hub for online gaming. The nation has long been the leader in Asia’s iGaming sector. Today, its impact on the region’s expanding market and distinctive regulatory structure are essential drivers of the industry’s push for global relevance and supremacy.

Growing Conscience

The global market, notably the West, is just starting to become aware of the Philippines’ crucial role as an iGaming hub and lacks comprehension of why Manila is the hub that it is, according to KMiGaming CEO Keith McDonnell at a panel in Sigma Focus Asia.

“What it boils down to is that Manila is the only jurisdiction in the entirety of Asia that offers a license to iGaming operators — not one to set up operations in the Philippines under a PAGCOR license and target the rest of Asia, but one to set up operations in the Philippines to market their services to Filipinos,”

Infrastructure in place

“Labor in the Philippines is well educated now because the region is used to these businesses. So the infrastructure is in place telecommunications, licensing, talent,” noted McDonnell, who has spent the past ten years educating European operators on the Asian market and assisting them in setting up operations in Manila.

The Philippines has a lot to offer and is the world’s largest iGaming hub. Manila is currently the largest iGaming market I am aware of.

Quashing Issues

Following Cambodia’s revocation of all licenses on January 1, 2020, as a result of pressure from mainland China, which was, until last year, Asia’s second iGaming hub, political instability has become a growing concern for the region’s iGaming sector.

The Sigma panel, however, concluded that these worries are mainly unwarranted.

The Philippines may be more unpredictable than Europe. Still, the US has a much more substantial influence there than China, according to Allen Yan, founder of Spade9 and another presenter at the event. “The Philippines is far more autonomous, even though it shares a border with China and depends on its neighbor for essential infrastructure. That won’t be a problem. see more

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