White Label is a good option if you’re just starting in the online casino industry. This is a standard industry practice and a well-liked substitute for independent casino operations.

White Label Casino: Quick, Secure, and Easy

Business owners who purchase a white-label solution have rapid access to a distinctive, operational online casino. The website is built to the operator’s specifications, incorporates proprietary branding such as brand names and logos, and is hosted on a different domain.

It appears to be a completely different product and experience from the player’s point of view. Additionally, there is better secrecy because white-label gaming companies handle all payments (significant for casino owners operating in countries where online gambling is illegal).

A notable benefit of white-label casinos to note is the cost affordability and the quicker time to market. Entry costs are significantly less than they would be at a separate casino. Additionally, there are more opportunities for you to quickly turn a profit from your online casino because you have ample time to concentrate on marketing.


Both you and your white-label solution provider are accountable.

The following are the duties of an online casino operator:

  • Promotion and player recruitment
  • Player retention, marketing techniques, and loyalty schemes
  • Offer players front-line assistance.

How can White Label Solution Providers be of assistance?

Provide gaming and software for online casino platforms

  •  Offer technical assistance
  •  Creation and hosting of websites
  •  Payment processor

White Label Casino VS Standalone Casino

White Label Casino

  • Setup Cost
  • Payment Gateway
  • Quicker time Launch
  • Lower Risk
  • Easy to Manage
  • Technical Support Provided

Standalone Casino

  • Customization

When deciding which route to choose, there are a few drawbacks to white-label casinos to take into account. White-label casino providers often charge higher revenue-sharing fees to cover their technical support and maintenance costs, even though they offer lower setup costs.

Therefore, to draw players and earn enough money to cover the monthly charge, you need to concentrate on promotion and have a strong marketing plan. Additionally, you have less control over casino operations and customization options with a white-label casino, but less risk is involved.

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