How Smartphones have disrupted the iGaming industry

How Smartphones have disrupted the iGaming industry

Since its inception two decades ago, the iGaming sector has experienced phenomenal growth. It has flourished by giving users a fun and convenient options to wager on slots, play live casino games, and bet on sports. And it has achieved this by utilizing new technology as soon as they are made available.

By accelerating internet speeds and more powerful computers, iGaming businesses created better and more exciting games throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. This included making the player experience more simplified and adding sounds and animations.

More about online live casinos

Some of the most well-known iGaming websites offer live dealer games online. In addition, they frequently provide additional services like sports betting, poker, bingo, slot machines, and virtual sports.

A contemporary online casino can quickly provide various products while making it simple for players to register, deposit, and get started playing immediately.

Smartphones are causing market disruption.

Before Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, technology enthusiasts and some businesspeople used bulky smartphones. They either ran Blackberry OS, which primarily utilized physical keyboards, or Windows Mobile, which required a stylus. Due to the perception of those phones as corporate productivity tools, few individuals gave the idea of playing games on them any thought.

All of this changed, however, when Apple started letting users download and install new software from its App Store, and titles like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja demonstrated the appeal of gaming on these mobile devices.

The online gaming sector noticed this immediately and started creating mobile apps so players could access their games from any location. This turned out to be successful, and nowadays, the majority of users play at least occasionally from a mobile device.

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The Final Flash

Before smartphones, Adobe Flash was often used on websites with interactive features. However, Apple declined to support the technology on its products for stability and security.

As a result, HTML5, which offered numerous interactive elements natively in the browser, had to be adopted by web designers. Many online casinos have chosen to move to HTML5 games that can be played in the browser, even if some still utilize proprietary software that customers must download to their computers.

This indicates that the games will function on virtually any platform, offering nearly universal support. The iGaming sector might still be utilizing Flash today if it weren’t for Apple’s insistence on keeping it off the iPhone and iPad and pressuring developers to use HTML5 instead.

Play-Action Betting

Mobile technology has disrupted industries outside casinos. Sportsbooks have embraced mobile technology to make it simpler for their customers to place wagers on games as they are happening.

Players will almost certainly have a smartphone with them, even though they might not have a computer near their TV or while at a stadium. The number of wagers placed on sports like football and tennis has significantly increased thanks to this convenience for bookmakers.

Accept the Mobile Ecosystem

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