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CQ9 Gaming is an HTML5 online casino slot developer based in Taipei, Taiwan. In just a few short years after its launch in 2016, the company had amassed over 100 mobile-ready games. Slotegrator, a game aggregator that partnered with them in 2018, claims that the company’s games can be played at more than 1,500 gaming websites worldwide. The games are available across all of Europe and in a small number of slots portals that cater to American players, despite being primarily focused on Asian markets.

Their games are available to American players at VegasCrest and CyberSpins, two VistaGaming-powered websites that consistently seem to be at the forefront of the latest new slot releases. All of the developer’s games have been approved by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) as complying with international gambling laws and industry-standard technical requirements.

GLI is certified in the US and throughout the world and complies with ISO / IEC 17025, 17020, and 17065 standards. The labs certify games for about 400 supervising authorities and institutions, attesting to GLI’s standing in the industry. GLI has US and international certification. Additionally, the labs adhere to ISO / IEC 17025, 17020, and 17065 standards. possessing the technical capacity to test and validate the gaming, gambling, and lottery industries.

With one of the most utterly fair test and verification protocols for the global gambling market, GLI, which was founded in 1987, is currently the official testing laboratory of almost 400 gambling supervising institutes.

Our research does show that the company employs over 200 artists, designers, mathematicians, and software engineers, despite the fact that we haven’t been able to determine the corporate structure and ownership, as is frequently the case with Asian businesses operating in the west. There might be some director or consultant overlap with larger Chinese and Taiwanese firms, but we haven’t been able to independently verify that yet.

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Games and Software

The HTML5 framework is used in the development and deployment of CQ9’s games. In addition to being mobile-ready, this also means that they perfectly scale to any size consumer screen without sacrificing resolution or dynamic display ability.

They can multi-layered 3D render emulations in small packets thanks to the technology for quick loading and little strain on players’ operating systems. There is no potential for lag between the elements thanks to the flawless integration of sound and animation. If you land a bonus in the first few spins, some feature mechanics might not be immediately accessible, but they will load in the background and, on average, be prepared for the event sooner than they would normally be.

Along with well-done themes and top-notch graphics, players will also find fully realized characters that are presented in detail.

The technology, talent, and expertise of the design studio and labs are not all utilized in every game. However, even 3-reel games like Dragon Heart provide much more excitement and opportunity for reward than many classic 3-reel, 1-payline slots.

Five paylines are available in DragonHeart, which accepts bets of one coin per line (variable value 1-500) and has features not typically found in games with such basic gameplay. A feature game, free spins, and stacked wild symbols are to be found. When bonus enhancements are excluded, the maximum win per line is $50,000 per spin or 100 times the line bet.

Jump High is a well-known game that inspired a number of sequels with different upgrades and features. Search for Jump Higher, Jump 2, and Rave Jump. We wouldn’t be shocked if they continued to stray from the franchise’s original course. 

Jump High, the series’ centerpiece game, is a 5×3 slot with 243 virtual paylines. A winning combination is made up of any matching symbols on adjacent paylines going from left to right.

A respectable 96% is the RTP (certified theoretical return to player percentage). The game can be delivered in standard mode or in an enhanced configuration with progressive jackpots, depending on the location where you are playing.

While the disco ball is a scatter that can result in 12 free spins, the neon Jump symbol is wild and acts as both. The feature can be activated by up to 7 balls and add a 3x multiplier to the 50x maximum.

A glitter ball is positioned on each reel during free spins. A fantastic bonus multiplier is also present, and it gets better with each spin of the reels. The most free spins that can be won is 50, but the final spin could be worth 150x thanks to the additional 3x multiplier!

Multiplayer Games

Games like Paradise are produced by a number of Asian-focused developers, and many of them appear to be built on the same platform as the others. These cooperative shooting games are shrouded in mystery, with rumors of the use of AI and other features that can be customized for specific players or regional markets.

With numerous “skill cards” (modes) and an original artistic presentation, CQ9’s offering stands out among the majority of others we have looked at. The personalities and mannerisms of the characters are lighthearted. When the game first loads, patience is required because there is a lot of work being done in the background to get the engine ready for play.

Players will still experience edge-of-your-seat engagement with 100x multipliers and other skills just a shortcut key away, even though the action might not be as intense as it is when playing an in-person shooting game like AruzeGaming’s 6-shooter casino floor game of the same name.

Among the action’s highlights are:

  • Fish to shoot in waves after waves
  • continuous learning of new abilities
  • Players must work together to level up and enter Boss mode.
  • Fish-killing game engine with reactive feedback
  • Fisheye view
  • The ability to play on multiple platforms anywhere

Another fishing game with improved modes and multipliers is Paradise II. Sadly, after reviewing the software, we were unable to locate it deployed for real money play in the Americas. We assume that it combines the same elements of skill with unpredictable targets that interfere with some successful “kills” and are worth less than the target you are aiming at.

Arcade Games

As of the time of this review, several games were in development. They ought to be accessible on launch at Fun88 and FAFA191 or any of the American-focused websites. 

Table Games

Despite having created over 100 games to this point, none of them have been classic casino table games. We don’t see that as a drawback because they seem to focus on what they do best and leave the card, dice, and wheel games to other creators.


Many people consider CQ9 Gaming to be the best Asian slot developer because of its solid reputation in the East. We find some of the jackpots to be intriguing, and the bonus mechanics to be appealing and satisfying.

There are already a virtually infinite number of top-notch casino games available for play online, so neglecting table games also doesn’t warrant criticism. We should point out that Microgaming and Switch Studios have teamed up to create brand-new, cutting-edge table games, which should satisfy most players’ desire for novelty in the genre.

Although curious, the online “skill” games are definitely worth checking out. Individual shots can be purchased for 0.01 each, and the randomness of the game makes them an alluring “go-to” to finish off a low bankroll, have some fun at any time during a session, or look for a “Hail Mary” to restock a low balance. It’s encouraging to see more European and American online casinos add Asian developers and Asian-focused games. Most European games lack certain bonus mechanics and multi-tier features. see more

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