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In 2012, Asia Gaming, also known as AG, was introduced. It made its debut in a highly crowded and competitive market. However, the label quickly rose to the top of the regional iGaming market thanks to the team’s commitment and courage in developing and marketing fresh and innovative content. After that, it began to spread to foreign casinos.

AG is commendable for more than just its widespread acclaim. The company’s commitment to producing safe and verified content is crucial, first and foremost. All of AG’s games have GLI certification. They are accessible through legitimate and approved operators in Asian and international markets and have a license from the First Cagayan.

Additionally, the studio made certain that its games featured original research and features. You can only find the “Wait for Me” mechanism, which lets you control the game’s pacing, in AG’s portfolio.


Five Lobbies

The business also made history with its VIP private rooms and Interactive Bid Baccarat, as well as by introducing the first “Pre-dealing 6 cards” in the world.

The business immediately began rapidly expanding its portfolio, primarily concentrating on live casino content (although they do have other game cohorts in the collection). The company has made the decision to adapt locally popular Asian table games and turn them into virtual casino experiences for live games in addition to the classic content. The studio devised a complex system to organize the content as the portfolio grew, introducing five lobbies. The names of these are Multiply, Bid, VIP, AGIN, 

and AGQ. These lobby games vary in terms of game genre, betting limits, and advertised payouts. While some are appropriate for low rollers, others, like the VIP lobby, are friendly to high rollers. In describing Asia Gaming’s portfolio, what games are we referring to? Bullfight, Bull Bull, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger are just a few of the games that the studio offers in addition to a variety of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and table poker variations. Let’s play some live baccarat by AG to compare it to what we find in the studio lobby areas. You can pick from a number of versions of this game when entering the AGIN or AGQ lobby. Minimum wagers begin at 5 credits and can go up to thousands of MYR per session. In addition, the Interactive Bid version of baccarat is available in the BID lobby. Here, you can play baccarat using the Squeeze feature, which gradually reveals the cards.

When you enter the VIP lobby, you will find a wealth of extra features to enhance your baccarat experience. You will have the option to change the dealers and your shoes, among other things.

Live Blackjack

This studio does not place a high priority on live blackjack. The portfolio didn’t include the European version until 2017. The only blackjack variant offered at the time we were writing the review was this one. The game features four different table-viewing angles and can be streamed in HD or SD, at your discretion. The table has seven seats, and an average of 40 hands are dealt each hour. There are two side bets offered in addition to the European version’s rules. These pairs are perfect and total 21+3.

Asian Live Games

Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Bull Bull, and Three Cards are just a few of the company’s games. These are all recent releases that have received a lot of attention from players in Europe and the Asian market. Specific triples in Sic Bo may result in a payout of up to 150:1 There won’t be any side bets allowed in Dragon Tiger. Three Cards, also known as the Golden Flower, offers the Pair 8 Plus side bet, while Bull Bull offers Player 1/2/3 “Equal” or “Double” and Banker 1/2/3 “Equal” or “Double” as side bet options.

Live Baccarat

There are several different versions of the game, including Control Squeeze and Classic. There are eight decks used in the traditional version of the game, and there are eight open seats for the players. The game supports side bets such as Banker and Player Pair, Big / Small, Banker Dragon Bonus, and Player Dragon Bonus in addition to the three traditional bets. With minimum wagers as low as 10 MYR and maximum wagers as high as 25,000 MYR, this release is appropriate for both low and high rollers.

Live Roulette

Where classic gaming meets contemporary features is AG’s single-zero European roulette ASIA GAMING . You will have the option to use digital bets or the traditional Racetrack as a player, and you can also zoom in on a wheel. Starting at 10 MYR and going up to 25,000 MYR, bets are placed per round.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Are all of AG’s games accessible from a specific casino’s lobby?

The operator’s contract with the supplier will determine this, but from what we observed when reviewing online casino software provider , they typically support all five lobbies.

 Do I need special live casino gaming abilities to be successful when I play AG’s content?

Depending on the game selected. Some games of chance, like baccarat or roulette, only require you to manage your bankroll wisely; the rest is up to luck. On the other hand, you will need to be more strategic when playing games like live blackjack.

Where can I play the latest games from Asia Gaming with low stakes?

Go to Dafabet Casino’s live lobby to see the minimum deposit amounts. Both MYR and BTC transactions are handled by the platform.

Which online provider offers lucrative welcome bonuses?

View the promotions at Oppa888, a Malaysia-friendly bet and win site that combines digital and hard currency gambling. Their welcome offer combines bonus spins and a cash match.

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